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Waterfall Nature Canvas Art Print by Leslie Karpinski

Waterfall Nature Canvas Art Print by Leslie Karpinski

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A gallery wrap canvas print of an original painting by Leslie Karpinski titled "Waterfall". A beautiful waterfall nestled in the woods of North Carolina.

Leslie Karpinski is a North Carolina artist. When she was a kid, she loved climbing high into the big oak trees, painting large flowers while at school and designing gardens in the back of her family home. When she paints, she tries to remember those feelings of spontaneity, energy and hopefully, a little uninhibited time. As an artist, it is her goal to treasure and respect our earth. She tries to produce artwork that conveys this message, there is great meaning to what she does in life and the art she produces.

Printed on a natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton canvas with 400gsm. Comes with hanging hardware.

.: 100% Cotton fabric

.: Closed Back

.: Build with a patented solid support face

.: High image quality and detail

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